Friday, March 5, 2010

Belated California

We went to California at the beginning of January. I couldn't believe how warm it was. We went to a beach near Los Angeles and we actually got to play in the water. Someday Nate and I would like to rent one of the huge houses on the beach.
It's hard to tell, but the girls are looking at a pirate ship out in the ocean.
The girls both love the beach. Caroline loves getting in the water and splashing in the waves.
Anna likes playing in the sand. She actually wrote the whole alphabet in the sand, which I didn't know she could do. I guess preschool is worth it.

Charlie and I enjoyed the beach, too.


  1. Hi this is Amy (Ericksen) Robinson and I would love your pattern for those cute slippers you made your girls! Where do you live now? We moved to Mapleton about 4 months ago. Here's my email for the pattern:

  2. "I guess pre-school is worth it." That's great! It's weird when they start learning things that you didn't teach them.