Friday, March 5, 2010

Hooray for a new blog!

Mark and Elizabeth have both pointed out to me recently that it's been a year since my last blog update. I figured that was a good place to start fresh. After all, we aren't the four Seamons anymore and "the five Seamons" doesn't have the same ring.

Don't get your hopes up--this is just an update of the things we did today. Nothing too exciting.

The girls played outside in the snow for a few hours today. Caroline is showing off her huge snowball she made. She wanted to throw it at me, but I didn't let her. Such a mean mom.

Charlie stayed inside where it was warm. He loves his toy. We sure are glad we took it along for all seven moves we've made as a family since we bought it when Caroline was a baby.

When the girls came in, they were cold, so they put on their slippers I made for them. Caroline is also very proud of her Harry Potter shirt. She points out to me every time she wears it that it's my favorite shirt.

Anna modeling her slippers. She's already worn them for three days straight, so they don't look quite as new as Caroline's.
No one loves getting pictures taken more than Anna.

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