Wednesday, May 19, 2010


We don't have a fire pit, so this is the best we can do for roasting s'mores. The girls didn't seem to mind too much. The green, green valley is one reason why I've enjoyed this season's rain storms so much.
Next step: eat. Caroline is actually holding mine, because she ate hers so fast I didn't have time to get the camera. Then she had another.
Charlie's first chocolate. And marshmallow. At one point, he put his hand down, forgot which hand the chocolate was in, accidentally put the hand with the graham cracker into his mouth, then started screaming. That's my boy.
Watching Curious George after dinner.


  1. Ah. I miss those big Pleasant Grove trees. I can't remember which street you're on, but that view looks just like the one from our old house. Hey we'd love to have you over for sunday dinner! This sunday is Owen's birthday, but maybe next? I guess that would be May 30th. I hope you guys are doing okay. We're just 15 minutes away so let us know if you ever need anything- seriously. And let me know about dinner!

  2. Oh, what a beautiful bunch of kids! I'm certainly the luckiest dad around! Love the pictures Mary...They make my days!

  3. I think Anna's hair is getting long enough for me to imagine her with long hair. I think it's really cute. n

  4. Your lawn looks so green! What a fun activity for the kids. I wish I could have some s'mores right now!

  5. The valley is so green! I guess we've all had wet Springs. Aren't s'mores the best? Jane set hers aflame on our vacation and said she just likes to eat them "cold". Nate's comment made me tear up. Love you guys!