Monday, May 10, 2010

We love Dad

We spent the last week trying to make every moment we had with Nate REALLY count. We took the kids to the dinosaur museum and they got to play with the erosion table. (Aunt Maggie should be proud.)
They got to see the big shark mouth. Anna wouldn't get close enough to the shark to get in the picture.
We even ate at the dinosaur museum's cafe. Nate tried to convince the girls that their "dino-nuggets" were made of dinosaur meat. They're too smart for him, though. They knew it was chicken. Or supposed to be chicken, anyway...
Reading "Barbie: A Mermaid Tale." We're all about good literature in our house.

The big day. Caroline cried a little when Nate dropped her off at school, but we're all doing really well. WE LOVE YOU, DAD!!!


  1. I like this one!!!! ns

  2. I'm so glad you made the most of your time together. I'm also happy to hear that you are doing well. Remember this summer you can take an overnight trip up to Logan and pick-your-own cherries, apples, berries, etc! I know my parents would love to have you!

  3. Aunt Maggie is VERY proud. I'm proud of the girls for learning about erosion and I'm even prouder of their Mommy for..... just because