Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gee...I don't think we can make it...

I thought the kids and I deserved an adventure, so we decided to try to hike to Pleasant Grove's "G". It turns out I'm not so smart. We made it about halfway up the mountain (literally, straight up the mountain) before I realized it would be torture coming back down. So we turned around and, sure enough, it took us about five times as long to come carefully down the steep trail without falling--and Charlie in the chest carrier--as it took us to climb up.
But the kids didn't seem to mind. They picked pretty wildflowers at the bottom of the mountain.
And we stopped for a minute to rest.
We walked partway up the canyon towards the waterfall, but were all tired, so we stopped on the trail and the girls had juice boxes and handi-snacks.

Me and my man.


  1. You are so adventurous!
    Dave hiked the G with the Young Men a couple of weeks ago. Before he went, he said that maybe we could go up as a family since he would now know the way. After he got back, he said we will have to wait a few years before trying to take the kids. I guess it is pretty steep and narrow at times. I'm glad you guys made it down OK. Have you hiked up to the waterfall?

  2. Looks like a pretty fun and dangerous adventure! I guess we have to wait for some years before the kids can handle it. Love the pics though, the weather looks beautiful!

  3. You are brave to even try something like that with 3 kids alone! What a fun mom you are though. I bet they are loving these adventures!

  4. We've got this really steep embankment behind our house. The kids go up just fine, but coming down, they both want to hold my hand because it's steep and slippery (when wet). So, I have to try to balance myself and the baby (in the carrier), as well as hold their hands. It's dangerous. Good decision on coming back down!