Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saint George!!

Jenny and her family let us join her on her trip to St. George for Elliot's soccer tournament. He played really well. I was impressed. It's crazy seeing 11- and 12-year-olds who are so skilled and talented and such good sports. I hope Charlie grows up to be like Elliot someday.

I took the girls to the water park in downtown St. George. Caroline got soaked on the splash pad.
Anna really wanted to show me her lunch. I don't know why, but for some reason she doesn't let me take good pictures of her anymore. Sad.
Cec let me take a cute picture, though.
And then she walked off about as far as she could get from me to finish her sandwich.
The girls hanging out with their juice boxes.
Then quickly running off to play on the steps with water running down them.
Posing in front of the tabernacle. They saw that there were tours offered and wanted to go in, but I didn't think we were dressed for it.
It's hard to tell, but here are all three little girls beating up on Elliot. They played this game for about two hours. Good thing Elliot is such a fast runner and they had a hard time catching up with him. And good thing he's such a good sport.

Elliot and Charlie playing in the pool. Charlie and Clara both loved the water. It was fun playing with them and an overall good trip. Now we're nice and tired and happy to be home!


  1. Think of all the memories they'll have of hanging out with their cousins! It looks fun.

  2. I finally checked your blog! It looks like you had way too much fun and you'd better stay home for a while...

  3. How fun. The pictures of the three girls are so cute. They just look like great pals.