Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tea Party!

No, we haven't joined the ultra-conservative political party. We just love tea parties! Our neighbor Callie has been promising the girls a tea party for months now, and we finally did it!
All set up: princess table and chairs, four settings for Anna, Caroline, Callie and Cole, plenty of cookies, a tea pot and sugar bowl and lots and lots of "tea" (lemonade). At one point, I caught Anna taking four or five spoonfuls of sugar straight out of the sugar bowl and into her mouth. I'm thinking it might be a long night...
After a while we got smart and moved the tea party onto the shady lawn. The kids had fun swinging and playing soccer, then taking "tea breaks."
Charlie had fun watching the festivities.
A toast! I don't know what they're toasting, but it's sure fun!

Anna came in and was taking a long time to come back out. I came in to check on her and she had taken a baked potato, split it in half, buttered both sides, and made a "potato sandwich." Yumm.


  1. Sorry I missed your Tea party convention. It looks like you all had fun. I'm glad Callie and Cole were such good sports.

  2. What fun neighbors you have! I'm sure the girls just loved it.