Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thanksgiving Point Gardens

With Nate gone again, we have to think of fun things to keep us busy. Today we went to the Gardens at Thanksgiving Point.
We started out very excited and chipper.
The girls ran ahead of me,
exploring every little thing.
Charlie was bright-eyed and excited.
My cute little goslings.
Mom and Dad goose with their cute little goslings.
As we kept walking and exploring, we had to take more frequent rest stops.
Anna had to practice her sad face. I think she's got it down.
And finally, we all gave up and took a nap.

Even little Charlie.


  1. Anna's sad face looks like me in every family outing picture. I do not know WHAT my deal was, but I was always grouchy. I'm glad she only needed a nap and it wasn't anything permanent!

  2. Impressed with all your "getting out." You're a great momma.