Monday, July 19, 2010

Box Canyon

I took my niece Emma and her friend Becca and the girls on what is probably my favorite hike--Box Canyon in Maple Canyon.
We made it this far climbing up and over all sorts of obstacles, but once I saw that imposing wall, I said it was time to turn back. I know Emma and Becca could have made it, but the idea of handing the little girls off to each other on the way up and down didn't seem too fun.
I probably should have taken this picture from the other side of this big rock, too, so you could see the drop-off behind them.
We went over some rocks, and under others. This one was a little tough for Emma and Becca to get under, but they were troopers.
Climbing up to a cave. Caroline and Anna were upset when I made them stop in the middle of climbing to take a picture. They just wanted to climb!
Inside the cave.

Happy hikers! We had a lot of fun. I was glad that Grandma was willing to let Charlie stay home and take a nap, because this hike would have been a lot harder with a baby carrier!


  1. OH the secrets that canyon holds... some of the best times at snow were had there. I love that place. Your hike looks like fun. And that last picture of you and the girls is the sweetest thing i have seen since christmas with my nephews.

  2. Wow. What a fun day! The girls look so happy in the pictures. I'm glad that you guys went and explored.

  3. That looks like so much fun! You are an awesome aunt. I love Maple Canyon, too.

  4. That is SO our daughters....going hiking in a dress/skirt and flip-flops!!!

  5. I've done that hike twice with babies. It's no fun. Yay Grandma.