Monday, July 26, 2010

Caroline's Big Day!

Some of you may remember the day, seven years ago, that our little Caroline was born. I'm about to cry just thinking about it. She was teeny tiny, but the sweetest little thing ever.

Here she is in her incubator with the puppy that her Grandma Carol gave her.
And here she is this morning, bright and early, the 7-year-old with the same little puppy (whom she has named "Muffin").
First things first, we had to start out the day by decorating the cupcakes. We made 94! I let Anna and Caroline and Grace decorate them while I put Charlie down for a nap. When I came down, they had covered the countertop in sprinkles and raided their parade candy from Saturday for additional decorations.
And of course we had to have a special birthday breakfast--pancakes with condensed milk, fresh peaches, and sprinkles.
We went to Thanksgiving Point and the girls decided to ride a cow.
Anna thought a pony was a better fit for her, though. She sure learned how the cowgirl princesses wave at the Spring City parade.
My handsome kid.

On the wagon ride.
You can barely see three small figures at the back of the wagon.
I don't know what they did, but they sure look sorry.
After Thanksgiving Point, we headed to Lehi for the first day of Lehi's Marching Band Camp. Hence the 94 cupcakes...Caroline's cupcake had a big candle in it and everyone sang "Happy Birthday" to her.
Charlie enjoyed the cupcakes, too.
She handed a cupcake to each of the band kids.
Charlie is mostly covered in cupcake.

When we got home, my visiting teacher brought Caroline a gift of some beautiful dress-up accessories. The girls were pretty excited to play dress-up before bed.

Phew...I don't know about the kids, but I'm sure tired!


  1. Happy birthday to Caroline! And what a good band wife you are, making all those cupcakes. Bonus points for you!! :D

  2. What a great day! I wish I could have been there. I'm so glad that our little miracle girl is doing so well. It's so fun to look at those pictures from when she was born, to remember how little she was and how beautiful she is now.

  3. Thanks for letting us share the day with you! The cupcakes were delicious and a welcome treat. Caroline was adorable when the whole band sand to her in the bandroom. She's a sweetie! And "cupcake-face Charlie" was pretty dang cute, too!

  4. What a happy birthday! I imagine you are tired after all of that activity. I've never tried pancakes with peaches and condensed milk. Sounds delicious! I love your haircut, by the way!

  5. What an awesome birthday! Glad you thought of such fun things to do. We love you, Caroline!