Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chef in the Making

Caroline has been asking me ever since the beginning of summer break if she could make some cookies to take to her old teacher. I finally got brave and let her. She did everything herself, except for putting the cookie sheets into the oven and getting them out. Well, I did make sure all of her cookies were roughly the same size. And I double-checked the ingredient amounts before she put them in.
Mixing the dough.
Eating the dough. I meant to take some other pictures, as well--spooning the dough onto the cookie sheets, adding the chocolate chips, but it didn't happen.

You can almost see Caroline's cookie in her hand. It's the brownish thing (they were chocolate cookies...). She sure looks proud of herself, though.


  1. She is such a sweetheart! So did the cookies ever make it to her teacher?