Saturday, August 28, 2010

Charlie's Big Day!!!

Phew! The whirlwind of three birthdays in a row is over. Charlie's day started off in a flurry of quickly doing hair, finding shoes and socks and shorts and jerseys, and heading off to two early-morning soccer games (at the same time...).
Caroline tells me she likes to "enjoy Heavenly Father's creations" while on the soccer field.
She did run after the ball several times during her game. It's all I can ask for.
Picking up leaves?
But Charlie seems to be having a great birthday, based on the look on his cute face. We didn't even have time for breakfast, so the girls each grabbed a scotcharoo as we headed out the door and I fed Charlie a whole bunch of goldfish crackers at the games.
Anna (in red) running after the ball.
Charlie enjoying yet another fun soccer game.

Yay! Demolishing a cupcake is the ubiquitous sign of a first birthday.
Cecily enjoyed the cupcakes, too.
This was the look Charlie was giving James. He doesn't seem quite sure.
Audrey eyeing a cupcake. Jenny asked me last night if there was anything she could bring to the birthday party. I asked her to bring cupcakes and she brought these super-cute, super-delicious cookie monster ones (from scratch!). She's amazing. I think this picture shows a certain similarity between Audrey's googly eyes and Cookie Monster's.
Grandma initiating Charlie into his second year by giving him a sip of Pepsi.
At Pizza Factory, enjoying a birthday lunch.

Charlie trying his first bites of pizza. He liked it!
We finished off our celebrations by going to a car show at Thanksgiving Point. Here the three girls are feeding the fish in the pond.

I told the girls to pick their favorite cars to take pictures with. Caroline thought this sportster was pretty cool...
At least until she spotted this really cool van.
Anna and Cec couldn't decide between this Jaguar...
And THIS Jaguar.
Charlie got the best present a boy could ask for...
A ride in a Delorean! (Technically, we weren't supposed to get in the cars. But this is for posterity, after all.)

I liked this Bentley. Much more affordable than the Rolls Royce that I also fancied. I am on a budget, after all.

Happy Birthday, Charlie!


  1. Looks like a very eventful and fun day! Wish I could have been there. Thanks for posting all the pictures and conversation. Charlie really does look bigger, especially in the pics at Liners game. I love you guys!

  2. Great photos, and what a fun birthday. Happy Birthday, Charlie!

  3. Thanks for posting all those pictures! It looks like you all had such a fun party. I also liked Anna's watermelon seed comment.

  4. My sister's name is Cecily! Not one you hear very often.... :)