Thursday, September 2, 2010

Busy Days

The girls convinced me that we need to mark their height on the wall.
After we did it, Anna decided she needed to take pictures of it.
And lots of pictures of Charlie, playing with his new birthday toys.
And Charlie's birthday balloons. I've got quite a photographer on my hands.
Charlie reached an important milestone a few days ago; he got to try two or our family favorites for the first time--crepes and bacon. It was nice that he had one in each hand, because he could take a few bites of crepe,
then such all the grease out of the bacon. Daddy's little boy!
Anna waiting to get on the bus for her first day of kindergarten. Actually, here she's pictured switching her shoes to the right feet. I'd expect her to get her feet wrong 50% of the time, but she's nearer 90-95% wrong...
Charlie's pretty excited to go home and have a nice, quiet naptime.
Yay, the bus is finally coming!

Getting on the bus and meeting the elementary school principal. She had a great first day!


  1. My Ben prefers his shoes on the opposite feet! Everyone in public seems to notice it, too. "Your shoes are on the wrong feet." (to me) "His shoes are on the wrong feet." "I know," I say with a sigh. Happy Birthday, Charlie and hooray for Kindergarten! I didn't realize Anna & Jane were the same age!

  2. Well, I think the shoes on the wrong feet is a deliberate choice for our non-conformist daughter. hmmmm... she takes after her mother. As for Charlie, I'm proud that we have another bacon eater in the fam. That's my boy.

  3. Anna looks so excited! I'm glad she had a good day. We can't get the same kind of bacon here and, though I'm not a huge bacon fan, when I saw the picture of Charlie's I was wishing for some.

  4. I'm glad Charlie could balance that girly crepe with that manly bacon.

  5. Charlie has such a sweet look on his face while he's eating. He's a good mix of his parents. :)

  6. A proud moment indeed...a boy's first experience eating bacon. Tears of joy are streaming down my face. I'll have to give Charlie a big high 5 next time I see him. ;)