Monday, October 11, 2010


This past Saturday we were a little busy. We went to Lehi High School to help the marching band with their cleaning camp. A bunch of the band moms were talking in the snack shack, waiting for the students to be ready to eat lunch. This was the look Charlie was giving them. He doesn't seem to be able to figure out band moms. They're a special breed.
Then we went to a Halloween party at the dinosaur museum. The girls got their faces painted and got to make cool pumpkin hats. Even the dinosaur was dressed up as a witch!
Charlie dressed up as a dinosaur. He doesn't look very scary.

Caroline and Anna make very intimidating dinosaurs, though.
Charlie was so entertained by this puzzle in the wall. He spent about fifteen minutes playing there, which is pretty long for this mover and shaker.

The girls spent that same time playing with the dinosaur toys. I think it must be refreshing to play with something besides tea sets and princesses.

I wanted to take a cute picture of all three kids, but this was the best I could do. At least I know that Charlie loves Mom!


  1. I think Charlie looks especially old in those pictures!
    Looks like you guys had a fun day.

  2. The kiddos look like pretty scary dinosaurs! I especially like Anna's scary dinosaur face! I don't think Charlie knows how to be scary yet, but he has cute down for sure!

  3. What a fun place to visit! It looks like they loved it.