Saturday, October 30, 2010


This year's costumes were hit-and-miss. Anna was a dinosaur and Caroline was Cleopatra at the Halloween party that we attended on Monday. I didn't take any pictures because I thought they'd be wearing the same costumes again later in the week. Boy, did I learn my lesson.
For school on Friday, Anna decided to be a vampire and Caroline was Cinderella.
Finally, at the church trunk-or-treat on Saturday Caroline was Aurora and the little one was a Charlie-horse.
Anna dressed up as Cinderella. This is the closest we got to having all three kids look good in the same picture.
Then the Charlie-horse took off down the porch and I had to catch him before he got soaked by the rain.

Happy Halloween!!


  1. If I got to celebrate halloween three times, I would wear 3 different costumes too! Cute pics.

  2. They're cute in all the pictures. Happy Halloween!

  3. Owen says: Don't let Charlie get away. He's so funny.

    Ryan says: Oh, I get it, Charlie Horse!

  4. You have adorable children! Glad you had a Happy Halloween. Hope all is going well for you.