Saturday, November 13, 2010


Anna and Caroline have been enrolled in gymnastics the last few months. Nate hears about it every week and I finally broke down and took the camera with us so he could see for himself.
They start out stretching for about fifteen minutes. Anna usually spends this time rolling around on the mats and coming to me and asking for snacks, but Caroline is pretty good about stretching.
The bridge! It's taken Caroline a few months to master this maneuver. It's hard for those skinny little arms to lift up that...ahem...big head.
The bridge is Anna's favorite move. It's the one that pulls her away from rolling on mats to actually stretch.
Anna loves the bar.
Charlie is pretty patient. He likes watching the kids and eating the snacks I pack for him.
And playing monster.
Anna runs from place to place. I'm glad I'm not her teacher. I'd never keep up with her.

The balance beam!
Caroline's waiting for her turn.

Dad should be proud of Caroline's sit-ups.

And lunges.

Yay for a sport that's individual and where their lack of coordination doesn't get them hurt!


  1. Love the photos!!! Gymnastics looks like so much fun!!! reading this post made my mouth hurt from smiling!

  2. I think it's a great for kids to be in gymnastics. It looks like they think it is great, too!