Saturday, November 13, 2010


It was our first time doing the school's Reflections program. The theme was "Together we Can..." I literally let the kids do it on their own. Theirs weren't the coolest artworks at the display table, but they were certainly original.
Caroline made a cube and drew some of her friends for each face. She got a red ribbon, so she was very proud of her talents. She titled her piece "Together we can make new friends."

Anna's piece was pretty cool. Nate was very proud when she showed it to him on Skype. Hers is the aluminum spaceship with yellow lights glued on and black and green scribbles (those are the aliens' favorite colors, she tells me.) Her work was entitled "Together we can make a spaceship."

I'm looking forward to next year. Who knows what the kids will come up with?


  1. Anna told me that it was called, "together we can build a spaceship....and an alien." She is a pretty funny kiddo.

  2. I've always wondered how to build an alien. Good to know I have to do it together with someone! haha.

  3. The best part of Anna's is that it also doubles as one of those hats that block the aliens from reading your thoughts.