Saturday, October 22, 2011

Sooo Many Pictures...

A lot of these pictures are very old, but I just uploaded them from Nate's camera and thought I'd share. Prepare yourself for LOTS of cute kids...

Sometimes being cute for too long can wear a fella out.

Almost immediately after getting home from Kuwait, Nate bought us a new TV. Charlie decided the box was a perfect spot for him to sit.

Anna grew a lot in fashion sense while Dad was gone. Dad was surprised to see that the new "cool" things to wear are mismatched socks and your little brother's flight jacket.

Another cute Charlie lounging in his VIP seat.

Anna's kindergarten graduation.

Charlie taking a rest on a hike up Battle Creek Canyon, two minutes from our house.

Anna throwing rocks into the water on the hike.

Sometimes when Nate is gone late at a marching band rehearsal, Anna steals his spot in the bed. (Mom, don't worry--we don't have the quilt on our bed anymore.)

Caroline and her parrot drawing at an art show.

Anna with her smily face picture.

Charlie loves watching the news with Grandpa Parnell.

Watching a show.

Anna and Charlie are good friends. They like to play in the back of Dad's truck.

And they like to play at the park.

Water straight from the hose always tastes the best.

Caroline and her 10.5 inches of hair she donated to locks of love.

Caroline looked beautiful on her baptism day.

Dad and Caroline are ready to take the plunge.

Caroline and her good friend Kimee were lucky enough to get to be baptized on the same day.

Grandpa Larry got all decked out to help with lunch after Caroline's baptism.

Charlie loves carousels. Here he's at Lagoon.

We went to Disneyland a while ago. Charlie made us take Minnie and Mickey with us so he could snuggle with them.

The girls with Chip. Or Dale. Or whoever.

Caroline looks pretty excited to be on Splash Mountain.

No future queen here. Caroline pulled with all her might, but couldn't get the sword out of the stone.

Charlie on King Arthur's Carousel.

And Anna.

And Caroline.

The view from the deck of Mark Twain's Riverboat.

We found Woody at the Lego store. Built out of Legos, of course.

Charlie in quite possibly the cutest hat in the world.

The girls love Mickey.

The latest and greatest action figures from Disney/Pixar.

Anna would give anything for her own pony. But she'll have to live with riding one at HeeHaw Farms.

Riding the farm animal train at HeeHaw Farms.

AAAAHHHH!!!! Attack of the two-year-old monster.

We tried to get a good picture of the family at the BYU game. This was the best we could do.


  1. I loved looking through the pictures. I laughed at the picture of Caroline on Splash Mountain. Lots of great memories you captured!

  2. Fun to look through those! Yes, Charlie's got the right idea by making prime box seating. Yes, love the fashion sense! Yes, BEAUTIFUL at her baptism.

    What a fun family. :)