Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Latest Projects

Here's a birthday cake I made for a cute girl in my primary class. My girls' cakes never look that good. Probably because I'm not giving them away.

Cute little stuffed elephants.

Caroline informed me one night that she needed a costume for her Thanksgiving play. She was supposed to be a pilgrim. Luckily I had some white muslin on hand...

I love this hat. It's not for Anna, she's just my beautiful model. It's for the same sweet girl in my primary class as the cake. She's going to go through chemotherapy soon, so I knitted her some hair!

Super cozy scarf and gloves from salvaged yarn. I love unraveling sweaters from the DI and making the yarn into other fun stuff.


  1. Super cute and darling!!!

    We need to get together!!!

  2. First, I have a beautiful scarf you made me from a sweater. I'm very lucky. Secondly, I am impressed with all your projects. You are getting mighty skilled! The hair and hat turned out so cute.

  3. Wonderful! Brilliant. Creative. Fantastic!