Sunday, March 25, 2012

Half-Birthdays and Other Fun

Caroline celebrated her eight-and-a-half birthday with a sparkler in her pancakes. The other two kids were huddled in the corner, terrified. Caroline looks just a little worried, herself.

For Christmas, the girls got a DVD player (the old one that used to be in our car) for their room. This is how we spotted them watching a show one night--both girls in the bed and Charlie snuggled up in the toy box.

Happy six-and-a-half, Anna! The only candle I could find was a "5" candle. So I figured she's 6.5 years old...right...?

Charlie asked me to do his hair "spiky". And then he posed with the smile from a happy meal.


  1. What a fun idea. I think it's funny that the kids were a little scared of the sparklers. I love Charlie's "smile", too.

  2. Each picture is full of such character - especially the McDonald's smile!
    Fun that you do half-birthdays. If I showed this to the girls, I'm sure they'd instist upon it here.