Monday, March 12, 2012

Valentine's Day

One of the hardest part about having a band-teacher dad is that he's always at school by the time we get up and start getting ready for school, ourselves. But Nate decided to make Valentine's Day extra special by going in to school a little late. He made the kids a special Valentine's Day breakfast.

I put hearts on the floor for the kids to follow to get to their surprise.

When they saw that the surprise was just Dad and some balloons, they were a little sad. I think they were hoping for new toys or a pile of candy. Well, they got the pile of candy at school that day, so that evened out.

We do love french toast with berries and whipped cream. And having Dad home for breakfast!

Caroline's teacher told the kids to make their own Valentine's boxes to bring to school. Caroline decided to take Perry the Platypus. She still loves it and won't let me throw it away. (Sometimes I worry that she's on her way towards being a hoarder, then I remember the "junk drawer" that I had in my bedroom up until I left for college. I like to think I turned out okay. I do put my foot down when she tells me she has a "candy wrapper collection," though.)

Charlie loves to drag me to the bus stop with the kids. He loves all the kids at the bus stop, and they are very kind and accepting of him. The tough part is getting Charlie to come home after the adventure of the bus stop. He doesn't much like walking up our big hill, but he also doesn't like being carried. So I end up carrying a kicking and screaming boy up the hill. Sometimes I'm just not up to that much fun first-thing in the morning, so I put my foot down and stay home. Charlie pouts and watches the kids from the window as they go to the bus stop without him.


  1. Fun Valentines. Very thoughtful of Nate to stay for breakfast with the fam!

    Had to laugh at the last paragraph. I would not be up for that much "fun" anytime of the day. :)

  2. Owen loves Perry the Platypus, too! I think the kids will remember Nate staying to have a special breakfast with them longer than they'd remember a pile of candy.