Thursday, April 26, 2012

California, here we come!

We went to California for our spring break. It was nice and relaxing.
First, we stopped at Owen's house. He showed us all the big planes at the base museum.

Luckily, the Easter bunny knew we were there, so he hid some candy-filled eggs for all the kids.

We stayed the rest of our vacation at Point Mugu Naval Base. Our motel door was literally 50 yards from the water. And had the beach to ourselves, since no Californians were crazy enough to go to the beach when it's only 65 degrees outside. Caroline doesn't care, though. She loves chasing waves.

Anna and Charlie had fun digging in the sand.

Caroline offered Charlie some of her "sandscream" (ice cream made our of sand). Charlie tried it, but wasn't very impressed by the flavor.

Anna trying to keep Charlie from ruining the "before destruction" picture.

After destruction.

We were about forty minutes from Santa Barbara, so we visited that pretty city, too.

Whale watching. The Channel Islands are behind.

Santa Barbara viewed from the whale watching ship.

Our last night to enjoy the beach.

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  1. I'm so glad you visited! Now you made me want to go to Point Mugu. I think I'll wait until the temperature is above 65, though!