Sunday, September 2, 2012

Crazy, Fun Week

Sometimes, when you've just about had enough, you decide to lay down on the floor and take a nice nap.

First day of school! Anna was delighted to start second grade and Caroline was ecstatic to be in fourth grade. Charlie was so excited for both of them that he climbed on the bus. He sure misses his sisters while they're at school.

To try to keep Charlie busy while the girls were at school, I took him to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point. Once we had seen all of the exhibits at the museum, he discovered the museum store. He probably spent half an hour running from one display to another. Since it was almost his birthday, I told him he could pick out ONE toy to take home. He really liked the stuffed animals, and the puzzles, and the books, but once he saw this "ih-mih" (instrument), he knew he had to have it. On the way home, he took a short break from blowing as hard as he could to say, "I'm playing the flute! Just like Daddy's band!"

We celebrated Charlie's birthday with our good friends the Thatchers. Jenny sent Charlie this awesome tool belt and hat and it was a big hit. He strutted around the house all night, fixing everything from Cole's leg to the ottoman, and saying, "I'm a real tool man!"

Charlie looked cute walking to his friend Shawn's birthday party. He's a very independent little guy.

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