Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New Year's Eve Dinner

 On New Year's Eve we did something especially fun. It was a surprise dinner where I made up hints for all of the menu items, then everyone had to guess what they were to order them. We did four courses. The kids had a lot of fun and told me that it would be okay if we made a tradition of it. Caroline had ice, corn, fish crackers, apple slices, and a mint cookie for one course.
 Anna had corn, fish crackers, mashed potatoes, a toothpick, and a mint cookie.
 Nate had ice cream, jello, lemonade, mashed potatoes, and a toothpick.
 Charlie just wanted to get his picture taken, too.
  Anna got finger jell-o (Utah's delight) and ants on a log (Picnic Stowaways), along with a spoon (sugar dispenser), a fork (two roads), and a napkin. The problem was that she then didn't have a spoon or fork for her ice cream (cold cow) or her mashed potatoes (Idaho deconstructed).
Caroline was pretty excited when she ordered her ice cream and her chocolate syrup (mudslide) in the same course--she was the only one who did--until she realized she didn't have any utensils. So she ate her sundae with her fingers. Luckily she did have a napkin (lap preserver) for that course. 


  1. I would love to get a copy of your clever foods/names and give it a try here. You willing to share?

  2. The titles are hilarious! Idaho deconstructed is my favorite. Having fun catching up on your blog!