Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Living in Texas

This is the room where we spent our first two weeks in Texas. I couldn't resist this snapshot of Charlie and Anna snuggling on the couch. 
 This is a little game we called "Bag Ball." The girls tossed a bag full of grocery bags to each other in the courtyard of our very fancy hotel. And yes, they are in their pajamas. I bought them some actual balls at the store the next week, but they insisted that "Bag Ball" was more fun.
 Making mud pies.
 Charlie always insists on having his hands clean, so he didn't take very kindly to mud-pie making.
 Caroline's concoction.
I can just hear Charlie saying, "But mom, this is making my hands yucky!"
 At Nate's school, they had a fundraiser where they sold a pizza dinner, had a silent auction, and had all of the pep bands play (three junior-high bands, one high-school band). Charlie clearly appreciated Nate's band's music. If you look carefully, you can see Nate up in the right-hand corner trying to keep the drumline in tempo.
 Nate is sadly outnumbered when all three of the kids take it into their heads to gang up on him.
This picture shows our front door/entry way and our living room. Charlie is sitting with his best friend, a dinosaur pillow named Horn. Charlie's favorite thing to do is stroke Horn's horn between his fingers.

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