Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Last of February

Caroline loves constructing funny people at Lego Mania at the library. And she insists on my documenting her every construction.

Four weeks old!

I'm not sure who loves snuggles better--Samwise or Dad.

We visited the Fort Worth Zoo a few weeks ago. The kids loved the tigers. Nate liked that the mountain goats were head-butting each other. My favorite part was that Sam was very good the whole time.

Charlie and Dad looking at the lionesses.

Riding the zoo train.

A really nice lady in our ward bought this cute camo outfit for Sam. I bet you can't even find him!

Don't drop me...don't drop me!

Little brothers.

I can't decide if this pose is Sam doing the "sprinkler" or if he's showing off his bodybuilding muscles. Either way, he's a cute little cougar.

Charlie loves holding Sam. 

Caroline decorated one of the bushes in our front yard with little wild flowers and dandelions growing in the lawn.

The kids showing off the crowns I made them for family home evening.

Sam's first smile caught on camera. He's a cutie--especially wearing the awesome fuzzy hat Aunt Jenny made.

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  1. I love all of these pictures! The camo outfit is perfect. The fuzzy hat photo is awesome. Your kids are all looking really cute.