Friday, September 26, 2014

July, August, September

The kids' (and my) first time eating at PF Chang's. We had to commemorate by taking a picture in front of one of the horses.

Caroline got to have her birthday party at Grandpa Larry's family reunion. Aunt Mindy provided the crown and pin.

Aunt Mindy also brought disguises. I don't know who this strange person is. 

Charlie and Henry and Simon climbed WAY up to the top of the rock.

Scary bear cave on the way to Battlecreek Falls.

Charlie loves his spider-man jacket. Good job, Grandma Parnell!

Sam enjoys a good ice-cream cone.

Sam and Kuba shared the rocking chair for about two seconds. Luckily, Nate snapped a picture.

I love Sam's slide hair.

Anna may be nine, but she still loves feet jammies and Little Tikes cars.

Sam's "sour" face.

Brothers on an airplane ride.

Clara and Charlie wanted to be in a band. Charlie's on drums and Clara's on flute.

EVERYONE is very excited about the first day of homeschool, as you can see.


Note the tattoo Sam gave himself. I think it's the symbol for "unattended toddler" in Chinese.

Playing in the water down the hill from BYU's Bean Museum.

We stayed and played just long enough for the kids to hear the clock tower play "Come, Come, Ye Saints."

Charlie's "Despicable Me" birthday cake.

Ay yay yay yay!

Backyard camping!

Charlie's first day of preschool. He loves it.

Playing in the LifeFlight helicopter at the children's museum. Charlie is trying to stabilize the patient while Anna shows Sam how to fly the helicopter to the hospital. Grandpa Steve should be proud.

Ogden Temple open house.

Little man in big boots.

Rodeo Queen Caroline

Rodeo Queen Anna

Cowboy Charlie

Jailbird Sam

The big kids all geared up for the BYU football game. They had a great time, even if they only lasted until halftime.

Girls' night out with Kandis, Mindy, Colette, and Grandma Carol.

Cute boy

On the way to Stewart Falls

The kids are great at helping me with my geology homework. Like making these models of Earth out of play dough.

Sam and Charlie on the swings.

The kids got soaked at Noah's Ark at the children's museum. 

Charlie decided to take a bath.

Sam followed the older kids' example of laying on top of the water spouts.

Not such a great idea.

Our friend Amy Thatcher took Anna to the mall to pick out a late birthday present. Anna bought the kitty mask and skirt, then had to wear it to practice piano the next day.

Visiting Grandpa Seamons

Trying to fish at Tibble Fork Reservoir. You can see the north end of Mount Timpanogos in the background.

Charlie was assigned to bring a sack lunch to preschool. I searched the house and didn't find a bag that would work for a lunch bag. So I raided the fabric stash Grandma Parnell gave me and made one. Charlie loves it.

At the Utah Renaissance Faire. I don't know what Anna did, but she looks sorry.

We ran into Grandma Parnell's cousin Jane, who was making bookmarks for people at the fair. After she made out bookmarks, I took this (very bad) picture. It was really fun to see her for a minute!

These are the bookmarks that Jane made for us. She ended up making two for me, because she didn't like the way the ink welled up on the brown paper. What an amazing talent!

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  1. I loved looking through these pictures! It's fun that you ran into Jane; the bookmarks are really neat. I hadn't seen the picture of Kuba and Sam on the chair before. Cute little cousins.