Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Beginning of October

 It was cold last week, but the kids still wanted to jump on the trampoline. They all came in freezing, so we let them hang out in the "hot tub" for a while.
 The kids are really good at helping me with my geology class. We took a hike near the canyon looking for the Wasatch Fault and they wanted to keep climbing. 
 Caroline and Anna helped me to make a model of Pangea.
 The church history museum in Salt Lake is closing for a year, so we hurried and got our field trip in before it closed. The kids enjoyed being pioneers and pulling a handcart.
 Sam and Charlie would have made very helpful pioneer children.
 Caroline thought she would make a pretty good pioneer boy.
 At the museum, they have a sketch that Minerva Teichert did before painting the World Room in the Manti Temple. I wish I could get a print of this!
 Sam found this at the girls' piano teacher's house and insisted on driving it around while we were waiting for them to finish their lessons.
 I told the girls one afternoon that I was going to take Charlie to get a haircut, and put Sam down for a nap. Instead, they decided that they wanted haircuts, too. So we had a regular haircut party at Great Clips.
 I don't like that Sam looks so much older with his hair cut. He looks like a little boy now.
 Cecily taught Caroline how to weave with her fingers during conference.
 We were glad that the Willmores could come and watch one session of conference at our house.
 Of course we had to take them on the ubiquitous hike to our waterfall. 
 The Willmore kids are much more adventurous climbers than mine. About twenty yards into the hike, Cecily started climbing rocks. My kids seemed to look around and say, "Wait, we can climb the rocks?" The hike to the waterfall will never be the same.
Sam didn't want me to take his picture. He wanted me to help him bounce in the laundry basket.

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