Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hogle Zoo

 The kids rode the train through the African savannah. They saw giraffes, zebras, and lions.
 Speaking of lions, this guy tried to eat Charlie while he was getting a drink.
 Sam quickly made friends with this gorilla.

 Charlie is getting ready for when he's an Eagle Scout and has to sit in an eagle's nest.
 Ridin' the rhino.
 Sam was fascinated by this turtle. He watched it for about five minutes. That's a long time in Sam attention.
 On the way to the carousel.
 Anna rode a dolphin.
 Caroline rode a poison dart frog.
 Sam rode a mandrill.
 Charlie loved this buffalo.
When we got home, Sam invented this game where I grab the waistband of his pants and pull him back. He gets mad at me if I forget to grab his pants and he's able to escape right away.

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  1. He watched it for five minutes? That's pretty amazing.