Thursday, October 23, 2014

Late October

 I finally finished a baby blanket that I started a long time ago in Texas. I think it's cute. I'll give it to our neighbors the Thatchers' new baby granddaughter, Jane. She was named after me, I'm sure.
 Elder Hernandez from Weslaco, Texas. Maggie was his seminary teacher and Scott was his scout leader.
 Charlie living in a yellow submarine.
Caroline hanging out with R2-D2 at the Maker Faire in Salt Lake. Mark and Hailey and their kids were there, too.
Charlie and Simon and Henry made elastic-band cars.
 Charlie riding the train around Library Square.
 Charlie's face paint.
 One of my kids' favorite traditions is having crepes every Sunday morning for breakfast. I put up with it because they love it so much. Sam has recently jumped on the bandwagon and enjoys crepes as much as his siblings.
I've been doing a workout program where I do a workout video every morning. I missed a morning last week and almost didn't get to it that day, but then Caroline and Charlie agreed to do it with me in the evening. Charlie lasted the first two minutes, but Caroline did the whole thing a lot better than I did. Anna provided moral support from the couch while she read a book and laughed at out moves.
We love when cousins visit! I don't know what Charlie and Clara were watching, but I love the twin expressions on their faces. 
 Running to the rose garden at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens.
Anna posing among the roses. 
Cecily and Clara liked the colors of these roses. 
Sam was happy for a minute. 
Then he decided he was tired of walking and wanted to take a nap on the walking path. 
Charlie and Clara hanging out on the walk. 
The kids at Gardener Village. 
 Hooray for girl cousins! We need to get these girls together again sometime soon.
 We went to a Halloween party for military kids at Camp Williams. I loved seeing all the volunteers there supporting the kids. Pictured here are the cutest witch, cat, Nemo, and horse you'll ever see.

 Sam and Caroline playing in the corn box at Hee Haw Farms.
 Anna named this bunny Hope. She held and played with the bunnies for about half an hour.
Sam liked the tire/tractor swing. 
 Farmer Caroline
Farmer Charlie 
 Sam's favorite thing to do was pick up handfuls of sand,
then get out of the tire and throw them. Hours of entertainment right there. 
 Anna lassoed this here sheep.
Charlie throws a mean lasso, too. 
 Cute baby piglets! There were four more, but they were snuffing around in the shade and I couldn't get a good picture.

 Crazy kids buried in corn.
Horsey Caroline taking King Samalou for a ride.

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